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Struggling To Keep Up With Your iPad Mini And Feeling Left Behind?

New technology is incredible...if you can use it.

We have all felt that technology is passing us by at an alarming rate, even computer experts are having to constantly study and keep up with the latest new additions. That just is not the case with the iPad Mini.

The Mini was specifically designed to be the easiest device in the world to use - so much so that Apple does not include an instruction manual. The device is very intuitive and there is no mouse, keyboard or anything else you need to use it. It has been designed to follow the natural path between the hand and the brain.

In saying this, Apple has forgotten that a lot of us are not computer programmers, and even though it is very easy to use, there are many, many things that you need to know if you are to use it safely and to get the most out of it. Although Apple has made it clear that the Mini can be used by all ages, the reviews and feedback proved that even some people who were great at other technology needed help to get to grips with it.

This is when we started looking for an expert in the field to help us get the most out of this device.

It is not hard to find an expert - any university has hundreds. What it is hard to find is an expert who can translate crazy sounding computer jargon into very easy to understand steps that anybody can follow.

After a few failed attempts before we thoughts there were too many words ending in numbers, we found iPad Mini Mike.
Mike has been educating people of all ages how to use technology for a long time - that is his job. He is not a university scholar, nor does he speak like one. He just gives you the information in bite sized pieces.

The only draw back is that you had to live in his home town.
However now that has all changed.

Mike has realised that there are a lot of people out there just like you who are understandably finding it difficult to keep up with the technology, the iPad Mini specifically. This is all Mike teaches: iPad Mini. He knows it better than any of the other panel of experts we spoke to, plus most of our technicians.

After deciding to help more people by going online with his service, this is what you can expect when you check out his iPad Mini Video Lessons:

- 100+ videos. Mike has made very, very easy to understand videos with step by step guides for absolutely everything, including the very basics.
- Learning how to share videos and photos with friends and family.
- Reading the daily newspaper, books and emails on your iPad Mini.
- Watching Movies and TV on the iPad Mini.
- Using the maps feature.
- Using the internet to it's full potential.
- Listening to music, radio and podcasts.
- Video chatting with family and friends.

Mike was also doing something we hardly ever see anymore, he was offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked and no fine print.

In our business that is very rare to come across.

If you have been having any trouble at all with your iPad Mini, rest easy in the fact that Mike has spent hundreds of hours creating videos to help you with every problem imaginable. If you have spent the money to buy an iPad Mini, learning how to use it and get every penny out of it seems to be the best next step!

Go ahead and check out his iPad Mini classes today [HERE].

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